Welcome to Stanford University's Shared Scientific Facilities Management System

This web-based scheduling, ordering, and billing system (commonly referred to as "iLab", after it's commercial supplier) is used to manage twenty-four of the shared scientific faciliites at Stanford University.  These facilities provide access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, expert staff, and specialized scientific services.  They are open to all Stanford University researchers and many of them also provide services or access to instrumentation to other academic, non-profit, and for-profit researchers. 

You can browse through the services and instrumentation from the List of Core facilities, or Search for them in the Search tab.  In order to use the facilities managed via this system, you will need to establish an account.  You can do that by following the "Login" link in the upper right of this page (note that we suggest that you avoid using Internet Explorer).  Stanford researchers should login using their SUNET IDs.  If you don't already have an account in the system, you will be asked for some information, including selecting your PI to establish your membership in a research group.  PIs and researchers with their own fellowships will already have accounts in the system and can just login.  If you need to be added to additional research groups (e.g. researchers with their own fellowships who want to use their PI's funding), please contact support at ilabsolutions.com.  Non-Stanford users with accounts can also use the "Login" link and then login using their iLab credentials.  New non-Stanford users should use the "register" link to establish a new account.




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All federal and many non-federal sponsors recognize the need to reimburse not only the direct costs of research but also the  indirect costs associated with the research.  These indirect costs are known as Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs and are expressed in terms of a rate.
To learn more about Stanford University’s F&A Rates and what the current year’s rates are, please click on Stanford's F&A rates link below. 

Stanford's F&A rates



Cores at Stanford University

PET/MRI Metabolic Service Center Praveen Gulaka, PhD praveen1@stanford.edu 650.721.1701
3-Dimensional Printing Facility Jerome Geronimo jeromeg@stanford.edu 650.498.4252
Behavioral and Functional Neuroscience Laboratory Nay Saw neurobehavior@stanford.edu 650.725.2918
Biomaterials and Advanced Drug Delivery (BioADD) Laboratory Jayakumar Rajadas, Ph.D. jayraja@stanford.edu 650.724.6806
Cell Sciences Imaging Facility: Beckman Center Jon Mulholland jwm at stanford.edu 650.725.7532
Cell Sciences Imaging Facility: Shriram Center Jon Mulholland jwm@stanford.edu 650.725.7532
Fly Media Center Todd Galitz galitz@stanford.edu 650.799.1554
Functional Genomics Facility John Coller, Ph.D. john.coller at stanford.edu 650.736.1026
Gene Vector and Virus Core Javier F. Alcudia, PhD jalcudia@stanford.edu 650.723.0588
High-Throughput Bioscience Center David Solow-Cordero, Ph.D. desolow@stanford.edu 650.725.6002
Human Immune Monitoring Center Holden Maecker, PhD maecker@stanford.edu 650.723.1671
Microfluidics Foundry Adam White stanford.foundry@gmail.com 650.724.7383 Fax: 650.724.5473
Neuroscience Microscopy Service Andrew Olson, Ph.D. nismicro@stanford.edu 650.723.8818
Stanford Center for Innovation in In-Vivo Imaging (SCI3) Timothy Doyle, D.Phil. tim.doyle@stanford.edu 650.724.8250
Stanford Magnetic Resonance Laboratory Corey Liu, Ph.D. liuc@stanford.edu 650.724.7445
Stanford University Mass Spectrometry Allis Chien, Ph.D. allis at stanford.edu 650.723.0710
Translational Applications Service Center Joanna Liliental, PhD jlili@stanford.edu 650.736.1285